Museum accessibility
The Museum’s collection can be seen, touched and felt. Since its opening it has distinguished itself for the high standard of accessibility in all its possible declinations. The Museum in fact does not have architectural barriers that preclude the access to the disabled people and it is placed on a unique floor.

Tactile visit for visually impaired people
The Didactical Section of the Accorsi Museum has created a tactile itinerary so as to make the permanent collection accessible to visually impaired people as well. Along the usual itinerary of the visit - by means of tactile exploration of models realised specifically for this purpose - it is possible to go through the evolution of the styles and forms which characterised the decorative arts of the Eighteenth Century: each room of the Museum is presented with a material, object or perfume which - in a certain way - represents its peculiarity.
Free entrance for chaperons and visually impaired people.

Only with reservation.

For information: Didactic Department +39 011.837.688.4