The Museum of Decorative Arts of the Pietro Accorsi Foundation is housed in the historical palace in via Po number 55, which was built around 1684 under the guidance of the Ducal Architect Amedeo di Castellamonte.

Initially all of the buildings on the left side of via Po belonged to the Order of the Antoniani Friars of S. Antonio di Ranverso, and so the reason for the familiar name of the building " Casa di Sant’Antonio " (Saint Anthony’s House).

In 1776 the building was bought by the Mauriziano Order, the antique institution of Turin created in the 16th century by Duke Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy.
On April the 15th 1901, when Pietro Accorsi’s father became custodian of the palace, the family moved into a modest flat that looked onto the courtyard. From that time Pietro Accorsi never left the palace and, thanks to his growing prestige as antique dealer, a few years later, he rented a part of it for his personal lodgings and for the seat of the gallery.

Since 1956 all of the palace was owned by the antique dealer and following his death became the seat of the Foundation and today of the Museum of Decorative Arts.