THE VISIT The Decoratives Arts Museum origineted from the rich legacy left by Pietro Accorsi (Tuirin, 1891 - 1982) and was opened by Giulio Ometto, President for life of the Museum.

The 27 rooms of the museum house thousands of objects, mainly 18th-century: in the first rooms are on exhibit Baccarat crystals mounted on golden bronze bases; Meissen porcellain, Piedmont silverware and a rich collection of snuff boxes.
The kitchen houses an extraordinary collection of antique copper utensils.

In the dining room the walls are completely covered by a set of paper pannels of Chinese inspiration.
The music room houses a rare fortepiano signed and dated "Sebastian and Christian Erard 18118".
Remarkable are the Louis XVI sitting room with the secrétaire-cabinet entirely covered in majolica tiles by Pesaro and the Piffetti’s room dedicated to the famous secrétaire-cabinet in rare wood with ivory and tortoiseshell made in 1738 by Pietro Piffetti (1701 - 1777).

There are three bedrooms: the Bandera room with a wonderful bed in Bandera cloth used by courts in Piedmont in the 18th-century; the Accorsi’s room with his bed in green damask, two Piffetti’s cabinets and The Pleasures of the Country life, a variant of the famous work by François Boucher now in the Louvre; a rare and elegant Venetian room.

The visit continues with two Cignaroli’s rooms dedicated to a series of six hunting scenes by Vittorio Amedeo Cignaroli (1730 - 1800); the Chinese room which walls are covered by a series of Chinese papier peints and the Christian Dior sitting room characterized by the boiserie in mirrors painted imitating the toitoise’s shell and an elegant chest attribuited to Pietro Piffetti.