Pietro Accorsi

The Decorative Arts Museum opened thanks to the will of the antique dealer Pietro Accorsi (Turin, 1891-1982), one of the most important European art dealer of the XX century.  He began his activity when he was 18 years old, proving to be an incredible talent. Since then, Pietro Accorsi began to buy piece by piece the palace where he was born and by 1956 he owned it completely. 

During seventy years of activity, Pietro Accorsi had been the reliable adviser of collectors and institutions of any nationality. "If we could find a place for all that passed in my hands, even Piazza Vittorio would not be big enough!", the antiquarian was used to say.

An unforgettable event is the famous Trivulzio Belgioioso Collection of Milano.
In 1935 Accorsi, on behalf of the Palazzo Madama Museum in Turin and with the backing of the Prince of Piedmont, Umberto of Savoy, bought the Trivulzio Collection. The news of the transfer of the collection was published by the newspapers rousing the interest of even Mussolini who then forbid the antiquarian to move the collection from Milan. Accorsi agreed to this, but asked in compensation for the city of Turin, as a donation and indemnity for breach of contract, the Ritratto d’uomo by Antonello from Messina and the second part of the Trés Belles Heures of the Duke of Berry, miniatured by Jan van Eyck. Thank to Pietro Accorsi’s expertise, these masterpieces, together with other minor objects coming from the Trivulzio Collection, are today part of the Civic Museum in Turin.

For his testamentary will, the Foundation Pietro Accorsi was constituted on the 25th January 1983, of which Giulio Ometto is the President, while the Museum was inaugurated in December 1999.

The Museum houses the entire collection of the antiquarian.

Giulio Ometto

Giulio Ometto, born in Legnago (Verona), when he was very young, moved with his family to Bra (Cuneo).

He attended to his studies in Turin and in that period his interest for antiquities grew; he deepened this inclination attending museums, foundations and meeting in 1963 Pietro Accorsi, in occasion of the baroque exhibition.
For 19 years he collaborated with the antique dealer and in particular, he deepened his knowledge of the XVII century art.

After Pietro Accorsi’s death, on the 26th October 1982, it has been constituted the 25th January 1983 the “Pietro Accorsi Foundation” of which Giulio Ometto is the President for the life of the Directive and Artistic Committee and Director ad interim of the museum.

Indefatigable animator of the Foundation, he enhanced the memory and the diffusion of the great Turinese antique dealer image and, in these last years, he’s been working to the “Decorative Arts Museum”, that finds right collocation in part of the 2000 mq of the palace, seat of the Foundation.