A LADY’S DAY Fashion dresses from Roberto Devalle’s Collection
October 19, 2017 - January 7, 2018
Curated by Silvia Mira

The Accorsi-Ometto Foundation hosts, in the halls of the museum, about 20 dresses from the Roberto Devalle’s Collection dating back to 1895-1925. Every room in the museum is devoted to a precise moment of a rich lady’s day who lived between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century: in fact, each exposed dress marks a special social event, the visit, the walk, the tea, the reception, the dance.
These dresses ideally converse with those on exhibit painted by the Piedmontese painter Giacomo Grosso (Cambiano 1860 — Turin 1938), and emphasize, as art and fashion, painting and textures, are combined with one another, with a precise historical moment and the evolution of fashion and costume.
The museum path turns into a perfect set to exhibit significant dresses, some of them signed by famous Maison of Turin, as Sacerdoti or De Gasperi and Rosa, others by unknown dressmakers, but all able to carry the visitor to a faraway reality and ceremony, now forgotten.

The adventure of Devalle’s costume shop begins in Turin in 1925 when Giovanni Devalle, an actor, tailor and costume designer, acquires the costumes and instruments of the Turin cinema production houses and leases them to the prose and lyric companies performing in Turin’s theaters.
Thanks to his son, Roberto Devalle, however, the costume shop begins its most important function: not just the rental, but also the creation of fantasy and philological reconstruction of costumes for the show. Ancient dresses are cataloged and studied, to understand their own secrets and manufacturing tricks. Even today, next to his tailoring and rental business, Roberto Devalle, together with his son Andrea, is looking for vintage dresses and costumes, restoring them and studying them, making his collection a major source for exhibitions, theatrical performances, fictions and movies.

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