CESARE FERRO MILONE The magic of color between Turin and Bangkok
21th June - 9th September 2018

Promoted and organized by the Accorsi-Ometto Decorative Art Museum and the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, the cycle of exhibitions «The Masters of the Albertina Academy» proposes, after the appointment of Andrea Gastaldi (Turin, 1826-1889) and the one of Giacomo Grosso (Cambiano, 1860 — Turin, 1938), the personality and artistic experience of Cesare Ferro Milone (Turin, 1880-1934).
He began his artistic education in 1894, enrolling at the Albertina Academy of Turin: here he was noticed by his teacher Giacomo Grosso who understood his abilities and took him under his own protection. Since his early works a strong sensitivity and a strong realistic research are recognized.
In 1901 he exhibited for the first time at the Artists Society in Turin and in 1903 at the Venice Biennale, where he returned five more times (in 1905, 1910, 1920, 1922 and 1926).
Year 1904 marks a turning point in his career: after winning the gold medal at the Paris Salon, Cesare Ferro Milone, at the age of twenty-four, was called to Bangkok to decorate the new Royal Palace of Ambara Villa, a palace in Art Nouveau style, designed by the Italians Carlo Allegri, Annibale Rigotti and Mario Tamagno. Back in Turin in 1907, he brought with him several studies of portraits and landscapes (Interno a Bangkok | Interior in Bangkok, 1904-1907; Atrio del Tempio Reale Wat Phra Keo a Bangkok | Atrium of the Royal Wat Phra Keo Temple in Bangkok, 1906). In 1911 the artist participated with those works to the "International Exhibition of Industries and Labor in Turin" dedicated to Siam.
In 1920 he married Andreina Gritti, subject of many works, some of which on exhibit (Cinerarie, 1919; Il pettine di Giada | The jade comb, 1925). From that union were born three children that inspired numerous genre scenes and family portraits (Maternità | Maternity, 1921; La famiglia | The family, 1930).
During the second Siamese stay (December 1923 - August 1924), Ferro Milone decorated the Norashing royal palace, in Venetian Gothic style and made several works, favoring oriental portraits and compositions: in his paintings, in fact, he often included objects brought from Siam (Autoritratto con oggetti siamesi | Self-portrait with Siamese objects, 1928; Natura morta con maschera teatrale siamese | Still life with Siamese theatrical mask, 1928).
In 1930 he was appointed President of the Albertina Academy, position that he left in 1933 to devote himself exclusively to the role of professor.
Cesare Ferro Milone died in Turin in 1934 and was buried in the cemetery of Usseglio, the same village of Turin’s province that, over the years, is the background to some of his family paintings (Primi passi | First steps, 1923).
In addition to a dozen paintings with familiar scenes, are on exhibit a series of works that illustrate the season of Ferro Milone in Siam: photographs and paintings (Interno del Tempio Reale Wat Phra Keo a Bangkok | Interior of the Royal Wat Phra Keo Temple in Bangkok, 1906; the portrait Me Ciani, ballerina della Regina | Me Ciani, dancer of the Queen, 1925), drawings of objects for King Rama V (the series of Studi di oggetti | Preparatory works of objects, 1904-1907), models for coins, an ivory miniature (Ritratto di Rama V | Portrait of Rama V, 1904-1907) and clothes of Chinese manufacture.

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